Recruitment for Receptionists in Canada

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Getting a Receptionist job in Canada is a very rewarding career. This type of job entails planning, organization, and coordination of the activities of clientele in order to make sure that they receive a high level of customer service.

Receptionists in a Canadian establishment should be professional, courteous, friendly, responsible, attentive, and have above-average computer skills. Receptionist jobs in Canada require excellent communication skills, telephone skills, and the ability to multi-task. Some common duties of a Receptionist in a Canadian establishment include answering phone calls, taking messages, and scheduling appointments.


Other duties might include setting the tone and atmosphere for the entire room to accommodate all the customers properly. Setting the table for a bride and groom’s reception and announcing the event to the waiting guests is an example of a Receptionist’s main job.

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They also plan the food menu for the reception and arrange the settings when the food is served. These duties make sure that each customer receives a high level of service and all needs are met accordingly. In addition to serving food, Receptionists in Canada also take messages and phone calls.


To be a Receptionist in Canada, you will need to have a minimum of a high school diploma and at least two years of relevant experience. Receptionist jobs in Canada require excellent organizational skills as well as friendly pleasant disposition and courtesy.

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Receptionists are usually called in to handle the phones during wedding ceremonies, birthdays, and other important occasions when a guest would want to speak with someone important about a particular event. Some work on the side for waiters and waitresses in restaurants, hotels, and bars.


When you’re looking for a job as a Receptionist in Canada, it is important to keep in mind that Receptionist jobs are not only within busy cities and towns but they can be found in rural areas as well. Canada has a large population, so there should be Receptionist positions somewhere in every community.

Many Receptionist jobs in Canada involve taking appointments for clients at different times of the day. If you have good experience and good references from previous employers, you should have no problem finding a receptionist job in Canada. Just remember to check your local listings first and you should be able to get an idea of where you should be able to find a good job in no time at all.

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