Immigrating To Canada

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Immigration to Canada is typically the process by which immigrants travel to Canada in the hope of permanently residing there as citizens; and the place where most of them go on to become permanent Canadian residents. In Canada, as a non-immigrant, you will be required to take some type of immigration test in order to determine whether or not you meet the legal requirement to be granted an immigrant visa. The test also involves testing for knowledge about Canada.


Many foreign nationals are of the view that in order to obtain an immigrant visa to Canada they need to have their own home country before they even try for immigration to Canada. However, there are some exceptions to this rule and it’s best to be aware of these exceptions so that your application will be accepted. You will be required to present evidence of your eligibility to immigrate to Canada. This may include proof of your income, education, employment, language, and medical qualifications.

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It is always advisable to obtain all the necessary information before attempting to obtain immigration. A good example is to consult a Canadian immigration lawyer or legal advisor. They will be able to advise you on how to approach the immigration officer who will interview you and the procedure involved in getting an immigrant visa. Once you get to the interview stage, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation, such as letters from your school or employers, a list of your academic qualifications and certificates, employment verification (including your contract or agreement), as well as your personal details such as social security number and passport. It’s very important to ensure that you understand the requirements related to how to prove your eligibility for immigration to Canada.

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There are some exceptions to the requirement that you have to supply documents with regard to your ability to meet the requirements of immigration to Canada. One is if you are a student at a Canadian university or college and you are not working. If you want to continue studying while living in Canada, then you must submit a letter from your school confirming that you are still eligible to study in Canada. Another exception to the requirement to provide documents relates to people who have been granted permanent resident status by the Government of Canada.

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Generally, if you’re an immigrant who has not already settled in Canada but would like to settle here permanently, it is essential that you have a valid work permit. Or a valid study permit issued by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

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